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"Dr. Harrington's proficiency with PRF Biofiller is truly unparalleled – a blend of artistry and precision that sets the bar in aesthetics."
- Julie C.

Stimulates natural skin regeneration for a youthful appearance.

PRF Biofiller, or Platelet-Rich Fibrin Biofiller, is a cutting-edge cosmetic treatment that harnesses the regenerative properties of the body's own platelets.

Through a process similar to traditional dermal fillers, PRF Biofiller utilizes platelet-rich fibrin extracted from the patient's blood. When injected, it promotes collagen production, tissue regeneration, and skin rejuvenation, resulting in natural-looking volume restoration, improved texture, and reduced fine lines.

This innovative approach offers long-lasting results with minimal risk of adverse reactions, making it a sought-after option for facial enhancement.

diminishing fine lines and wrinkles with little-to-no downtime

Discover the transformative power of AgeJET advanced plasma therapy. This gentle yet effective anti-aging device works to revitalize your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

An average full face treatment takes just 25 minutes, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules. AgeJET does not come with significant downtime - light erythema, or redness, typically subsides within 3 days post-treatment. Some patients may experience flaking or dryness, but this varies according to the treatment's intensity. Trust AgeJET to awaken your skin's natural youthfulness and vibrancy.

Feel refreshed and youthful with natural-looking facial enhancements

Revive Active and Aesthetic proudly offers PRF Biofiller, a revolutionary cosmetic procedure. Utilizing the body's own platelets, PRF Biofiller stimulates collagen production and tissue regeneration for natural-looking results. This minimally invasive treatment involves extracting platelet-rich fibrin from the patient's blood and injecting it strategically to restore volume, improve texture, and reduce fine lines. Experience rejuvenation and confidence with PRF Biofiller at Revive Active and Aesthetic.

⦾ Natural Regeneration:
Harnesses body's platelets to stimulate collagen production and tissue renewal, promoting natural-looking volume restoration and skin rejuvenation without synthetic substances.

⦾ Minimally Invasive: Utilizes patient's own blood, minimizes risks, and requires little downtime, ensuring a safe and convenient procedure with fast recovery for clients.

⦾ Long-lasting Results: Promotes sustained collagen synthesis, offering clients enduring improvements in facial volume, texture, and fine lines for a refreshed and youthful appearance over time.

gentle yet effective anti-aging device revitalizes your skin

AgeJET advanced plasma therapy, available at Revive Active and Aesthetic in Charlotte, NC, is the ultimate solution for those aspiring for youthful, rejuvenated skin. This minimally-invasive procedure, which takes approximately 25 minutes, is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is a versatile and comprehensive treatment that infuses life into your skin, favoring a quick recovery time and accommodating busy schedules.

⦾ Fast and Convenient:
An average full-face treatment with AgeJET takes just 25 minutes, making it an ideal choice for individuals with demanding schedules who still wish to prioritize their skincare regime.

⦾ Minimal Downtime: Post-treatment effects are minimal and typically include light erythema or redness, which usually subsides within 3 days. This manageable recovery period enables you to return quickly to your regular activities.

⦾ Versatile and Comprehensive: AgeJET not only reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but some patients may also experience flaking or dryness, indicating the removal of dead skin cells and promoting the emergence of fresh, rejuvenated skin. This comprehensive treatment caters to various skin needs, making it a versatile addition to your skincare plan.

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